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We Adfotainment deals in Business Development, Advertising, Technology & Promotions. Each one of which is essential and elementary building blocks for our Business, Company or Brand. Our network and associate greatly helps us in achieving our vision to deliver competent and cost effective solution to our customers.But key to success of everything lies in our tagline:

About Us

As the tagline suggests, we @ Adfotainment creates a positive perception for your Brand,Product, Services & Overall reputation, which in turn helps the brand reach out to your prospective & potential customer with a positive and clean approach. We believe that in this competitive market, customers essentially need to have awareness, recognition and the understanding of the benefits.


* The kind of project delivered by Adfotainment is exceedingly great in every aspect then be it look and feel, overall appeal, ecommerce integration, or administration of the website. A single glance of images gives real time feel that bodes well for our revenue generation.

* Adfotainment is true the webmaster, having the power to materialize a concept, right from visualization to effective implementation. Each and every tool, equipped in website, is supported by concerted knowledge and righteous utilization..

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* Dr Mehta's Homoeopathy website launch.. Check it out at www.drmehtashomoeopathy.com.

* OneTen Automobile's website is also launched.. Check it out at www.onetendhanbad.com .

* Yupee!!! moment.. Faber Chimney's printing contract achieved of Jharkhand region.